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Insight into a New Start, Jodi Frith

Published: 06 December 2022
Meet the Team

Jodi Frith joined ASCO in May 2022 as Financial Controller for ASCO Australasia based in Perth, Australia.

Find out more about Jodi and her time at ASCO so far below.

Starting at ASCO

Having worked in the logistics industry since my early 20s, I moved to a small ASX-listed micro-caps company in 2018. The move gave me better exposure to statutory reporting and allowed me to broaden my industry experience. However, in 2022 I was lured back to logistics thanks to ASCO!

Logistics is a great industry but in Australia there is sometimes the perception that logistics begins and ends with trucking. This is probably due to Australia's dependence on long-haul trucking for most freight. However, I think that is an oversimplification of the really interesting and varied services that can be offered. ASCO provides a varied range of services, including warehousing, camp management, dry-hire camp, marine supply base and asset management throughout Australia. These differing service offerings provide unique problems, and it is actually the human component that makes the whole system work.

Settling into the Team

Without a doubt, it is the people who make working at ASCO so enjoyable. Here in Australia, everyone, from Darwin to Perth, has been exceptionally welcoming and generous with their time. The team is very close-knit and I definitely feel as though I am valued for my contribution. I have also had a huge amount of support from the UK, which has really helped me when dealing with the challenges of my new role.

My Role

A lot of my role is necessarily focussed on statutory and management reporting, establishing and maintaining documented controls and ensuring adherence to policies. However, I also get to help others in the business through participation in other areas, such as tendering, business continuity planning and compliance. To non-accountants, my role might not sound the most thrilling, but I genuinely find it interesting, detailed-oriented work which appeals to me. ASCO Australasia is in a growth phase at the moment, and it is really quite exciting to consider how I can streamline our current processes to ensure we can address new challenges as they arise.

Safety Excellence & Sustainability

One of the most impressive things about working at ASCO is the focus on safety. Anyone who spends any time amongst our Australian operations can tell you that safety is at the forefront of every activity. To me, this is more than a business unit striving to operate in line with the stated obsession of Safety Excellence. It is evident to me that everyone is aware that safety is everyone's responsibility.

ASCO's net zero target of 2040 and its key obsession of Sustainability seems prescient when viewed through the lens of recent climatological experiences. Australia has always been a bit behind the curve when it comes to the environment. So, it is very attractive to work in a business which is placing Sustainability at the forefront.

Favourite quote: A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.