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Waste projects

Waste Projects

Zero waste to landfill

ASCO's environmental services division offers a bespoke 'zero waste to landfill' service to our offshore clients to meet corporate environmental goals.

Sustainability is embedded as one of our core obsessions, and we have set an ambitious target which can help our clients reduce waste production by implementing short and medium-term solutions for the onshore management of offshore waste. To deliver this objective, we developed the Zero to Landfill solution to divert up to 6,000 tonnes of waste per annum from landfill sites to sustainable facilities using advanced technology, such as 'waste to energy'.

Our aim is to help our clients eliminate waste to landfill and provide safe and sustainable solutions in collaboration with the local supply chain the UK. This will help to raise awareness of waste management and develop learning opportunities for our customer base to manage waste in line with UK regulatory requirements whist managing resources in a more sustainable way.

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Zero waste to landfill

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