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About NORM

24/7 solutions for your NORM

NORM Solutions specialises in the receipt and decontamination of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and forms part of ASCO's integrated waste offering.

We operate from a purpose built, state-of-the-art facility in Aberdeen which is capable of handling all types of NORM contaminated equipment, solids, sludges and liquids produced by the UK oil and gas industry.

By using Ultra High Pressure jetting equipment, our automated systems are able to decontaminate items that would normally require the use of chemicals or additional abrasives, both of which result in higher disposal and transportation costs.

24/7 solutions for your NORM

What we do

We operate the most advanced NORM descaling, decontamination and repackaging facility in the UK. Our specialist team are highly trained in dealing with all NORM contaminants and handle the cleaning process in four parts.

1. Dismantling and rebuilding - Equipment is dismantled into component parts before being passed for UHP descaling. Equipment can be reassembled once decontamination is complete.

2. Ultra High Pressure (UHP) Descaling - Equipment is descaled using ultra high-pressure water jetting. Resulting NORM water is processed and recycled during stage 4.

3. Semi-Automated Tubular Decontamination Process - Tubulars are treated using semi-automated high-pressure water jetting. Resulting NORM water is processed and recycled in the water treatment and NORM filtration.

4. Water Treatment and NORM Filtration - NORM water is treated and filtered. Consolidated material is then passed to a suitably permitted facility. All water is recycled back into the process.

5. On and Offshore RPS - We have amassed a wealth of experience in Radiological Protection Supervision. We have provided RPS services to major oil and gas companies. This expertise is available to our clients both on and offshore.


The clear choice for NORM treatment

Cutting edge facility

The NORM facility located in Aberdeen, UK is purpose built, fully authorised by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and was designed to operate at the very highest standards.

The facility has a substantial storage capacity for receiving large parcels of NORM contaminated materials, allowing us to handle NORM items and equipment from large decommissioning projects or ongoing offshore operational activities. We offer a 'cradle to grave' solution and can arrange for decontaminated equipment to be returned to the customer, or to be disposed of or recycled as necessary.

Cutting edge facility

NORM Solutions processes

NORM decontamination is conducted inside specialist cleaning booths, using our Ultra High Pressure (UHP) water jetting system. All water used in our decontamination process is recycled back into the system, and as all activities take place in a fully controlled and completely enclosed environment, there are zero emissions to the atmosphere or water systems.

We are able to decontaminate and handle various equipment and components that have been identified as being NORM contaminated such as tubulars, pumps, christmas trees, umbilicals, flowlines along with NORM Sludges and Sands.

NORM Solutions processes


Please see all applicable permits and licenses for NORM Solutions Ltd.

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