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ASCO in Farsund

Our base in Farsund was established in 2007 as the result of an outsourcing process by Alcoa for transport/logistics/stevedoring activities. Today we utilise our presence in Farsund to not only provide continued support to Alcoa activities, but also to provide cost effective supply base and storage options to our client base.

Our Farsund base offers areas for long-term storage and preservation and serves as an ideal location for supporting and supplying onshore/offshore projects and operations. Our location in Farsund has a short sailing distance to the offshore fields in the southern part of the North Sea and is only a 2.5 hour drive from our main base in Tananger.

In 2017, we opened our new base-area in Farsund which features state-of-the-art warehouse facilities and provides cost effective long-term storage options to our clients.

As part of the transport and stevedore service we offer on behalf of Alcoa, we handle both general cargo and aluminium shipments on a weekly sailing schedule between Port of Farsund and several destinations in Europe.

ASCO in Farsund

Transforming Supply Chains


  • Internal storage areas of 12,500m2
  • Large and levelled 16,000m2 base area for external storage
  • Up to 100,000m2 levelled lay down area near quay site. Available upon request
  • We operate 2 berths - Each berth is 130m long and 6.5m and 12.6m deep, respectively.
  • RO-RO quay with capacity up to 350 tons.
  • ISPS approved area, can easily be upgraded to NOG-091 standards
  • Bonded warehouse - an approval, with extended authorisation to split items
  • Fuel, water, LNG services
  • Office facilities for guests/engineers
  • 1 harbour crane, 60 tons flatbed trucks and container stacker

Main Services

Supply base services - find out more here

Warehousing and inventory - find out more here

Bulk and MGO - find out more here

Marine services - find out more here

Transport and freight forwarding - find out more here

Custom clearance - find out more here

Personnel placement

In-house solutions and hire of highly qualified and competent personnel within key-areas such as:

  • Drilling logistics
  • Marine coordination
  • Warehouse management
  • Helicopter coordination
  • Logistics systems such as WELS
  • Freight forwarding
Main Services

Additional Services

CCU - offshore container rental - find out more here

Helicopter services/aviation

ASCO Norge provide coordination of all services related to on/offshore helicopter traffic:

  • Booking of seats
  • Registration in DaWinci
  • Organising of cargo
  • Daily operation reports

Waste management

ASCO Norge have many years of experience receiving waste from offshore. Our Safety Advisor works with our return department to evaluates waste flow and dangerous goods.
The waste process management is performed in close collaboration with our sub-contractor SAR AS, who have been handling industrial waste for over 30 years and are fully accredited with the necessary authority approvals.

Additional Services

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