A Day in the Life - Kylie Arnel

Published: 03 April 2020
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Kylie started working within the shipping industry a week after completing her year 12 exams. It was meant to be a part time role until she started her Graphic Arts Degree but she enjoyed the industry so much she completed her Maritime Business and Logistics degree instead. She worked as an Administration Officer managing the international export clearances for all cargo transported from Darwin to East Timor and then transferred to the domestic shipping services where she supervised the client's cargo contracts and business development Northern Territory and Queensland.

Kylie was approached by ASCO to work at the Darwin Marine Supply Base (DMSB) as the Marine Supply Base Coordinator to manage the shipping schedules for the vessels that operate out of Darwin and two years later became the Supply Base Manager.

What are the core tasks that are involved in your role?

My responsibility at the DMSB is to ensure that all operations are completed safely, and the client's vessels operations are in line with their schedules. A large part of my role can be taken up with the vessel schedule, particularly when we have several clients requesting a berth on the same day. We have weekly meetings with the clients to discuss the schedule and forecast visits a month in advance, so we can usually determine conflicts ahead of time. The cargo and bulk operations on-site are conducted by third party contractors, it is my role to oversee their procedures and ensure that they comply with the safety policies on site.

Describe your role in three words?

Safety - Scheduling - Meetings

How would you describe your job to a five-year-old child?

I work at a busy wharf where large boats come in and big cranes load boxes on them. I go on the boats to speak to the captain and make sure he/she is happy.

How do the ASCO values and obsessions fit into your role?

The ASCO values are important to my role as they combine my daily activities. I care about the safety of all stakeholders and it is my priority that we all go home to our family each day. I have a small team of four, so it is important that we operate as a team, we step into each other's roles when we need to, and we make sure that there are always lollies or chocolate hidden in the fridge for our afternoon sugar fix!

What does a typical day consist of for you?

A typical day for me starts with checking my emails with my morning coffee, I'm even in early enough to watch the sunrise. I then attend our LiveSafe toolbox meeting where we discuss the operations for the day and complete our BAC testing. Throughout each day I attend various meetings, and these can include; vessel schedule updates, client's updates, facilities maintenance and HSSEQ discussions. My days are all very different, this can be due to changes to the vessels schedule. I tend to spend the afternoons on the phone or running around to help anyone that needs.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

In my role I have the best of both worlds; I attend meetings, client functions, prepare reports and review HSSEQ documents, while also visiting the masters on the vessels and spending time with the stevedores/agents on the wharf to oversee their operations. The best part is when it gets too hot and humid outside, I can go back into the air-conditioned office! I also enjoy updating the vessel schedule; this can be challenging but is also rewarding when all the clients have a berth they requested.

What qualities/skills are transferrable from your role to your life outside of work?

My role is very rewarding as I have learnt to prioritise my work and have gained better time management skills. Both of these have allowed me to take a step back to review the task I am planning to ensure that I have safety controls in the first place. I take pride in my job; my team and I care that the DMSB operates to a high standard, these qualities also contribute to my life outside of work.