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A Day in the Life - Claudia Rodriguez

Published: 15 May 2020
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Originally from Honduras, Central America, Claudia is an Industrial Engineer, with master studies in business and marketing. Her first job was in a manufacturing plant in Tegucigalpa where she learned about processes, production, supply chain and logistics, after a few years, she moved on to the commercial side as a Key Account Manager for the largest petrol distribution company in Central America.

After 10 years, Claudia decided to move to Scotland to study an MBA in Oil and Gas Management, which finished with a consultancy project here at ASCO.

Claudia has now been with ASCO for a year and a half and works in the Innovation team as a Lean Project Coordinator providing support for different projects and departments within the company, with a focus on process improvement, waste reduction and standardising processes.

What attracted you to ASCO?

It is a company that is open to provide opportunity for international employees, giving us the chance to learn and to share our experience in everything we do.

What are the main focuses of your role?

My time is currently split between ASCO and a client. Half of the week, supporting the client by helping review its processes and system integration failures, allowing them to improve their materials management visibility.

The remainder of her time is spent focusing on lean analysis of several ongoing improvement projects across ASCO's business units, as well as supporting other internal initiatives for optimising their processes.

What is it you enjoy most about your role?

The projects I work on are always different, therefore I never stop learning.

Focussing on one of the two ASCO obsessions (Safety Excellence and Service Excellence) can you provide an example of how you have played a part within your role at contributing to these obsessions?

Most of the improvement projects we work on always have the interest of better serving the client. Providing solutions and simplifying processes, are small steps that contribute to Service Excellence and when working on these projects, safety is always at the forefront of our plans. We always ensure that any changes to operations comply with HSSEQ guidelines and adhere to our Safety Excellence obsession.

How would you describe ASCO culture in a few words?

It is a customer centred company with a strong focus on safety in which the people feel useful, valued and considered.

Who inspires you?

My family, they always believe me when I set myself even the craziest goals. So, they just inspire me to be the best at everything I do.

Would you say you live by ASCO culture? Please provide examples.

I have learned to assess risk before anything I do, I also encourage my family to be safe before doing any activity and when driving I always remind myself about the life saving rules and this is all thanks to ASCO and the emphasis they make in living safe.