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Insight from a New Start - Matthew Homer

Published: 18 July 2019
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"I have been full-time working for the past three years since leaving school, I started painting for six months before going to work on a vegetable farm in Australia, tasks ranged from weeding the produce to driving machinery, which was a whole different environment. Doing this helped me to feel comfortable taking on a new challenge. When I returned back to Aberdeen from Australia, I managed to secure the role at Seletar. I look forward to learning more about the role I'm in and getting fully up-to-speed with the tasks that it involves."

What attracted you to ASCO?

I was looking for a job change from the role I was in previously, I heard about the opportunity at ASCO from a friend and when hearing about the job It seemed like something completely new to me, which seemed like a good challenge.

Describe your role?

So far, the role covers a wide variety of tasks including visiting vessels to collect manifests on behalf of ASCO. As well as going on vessels to meet with captains to discuss the vessels needs and requirements. At the same time as our visits, we often take freight down to the vessel.

On the other side of the job we are back in the office taking care of the requests we receive from the vessel, ranging from ordering pizza to just booking water for the vessel.

We also take care of the vessels paperwork for traveling in and out of the UK.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The most enjoyable part of the role is the variety of different things required for the vessels, other than the usual vessel needs (water, waste etc) we never get the same request twice.

Describe ASCO in a few words?

From the time I've been here it's been very welcoming and supportive of training.

How do the ASCO values and obsessions fit into your role?

ASCO aims to offer the best service possible, that means when we go onto vessels, we are the face of the ASCO company and are expected to provide a top class service, this is a part of our everyday role and shows our clients we are focused on providing the service that ASCO offers.

What would you say sets ASCO aside from its competitors?

From the Seletar side I feel we try and give the highest possible customer service and try to meet the needs of all clients. We always make sure to try and answer any requests as quickly as possible.

What would you say to someone considering joining the company?

If someone was to ask me if they should join, I would recommend it highly, as from my short time I have been made to feel welcome and supported and it seems to be enjoyable workplace.

Describe the ASCO culture in a few words? Would you say you live by it?

ASCO culture is positive and safe. I stick by it by wearing PPE and ensuring I always have three points of contact when going on and off any vessels.

What in your words is the legacy of ASCO? What is it they bring to the city of Aberdeen?

ASCO are a massive part of the shipping and oil industry running from Aberdeen, they make it a competitive market in Aberdeen and surrounding areas offering a high quality of service, which I have heard the captains of vessels praise.