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A Day in the Life of an ASCO Graduate - Laura Watt

Published: 16 May 2019
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Each year ASCO offers Honours Graduates the chance to apply the knowledge they have learnt during their studies to live industry projects through its graduate programme.

We asked Logistics Management Graduate, Laura Watt to describe an average day.

Laura joined ASCO in 2018 after graduating with an Honours degree in law from Robert Gordon University, and is based at ASCO's Peterhead supply base.

6:35am - My alarm goes off and I rush to get ready, grab my lunch from downstairs, make sure my PPE is in my car and off I go.

7:25am - Every morning when I turn down the road towards the site, looking at the beautiful sea, I think to myself, "wow I get to work here".

8:00am - It's Friday which means we start the day with this week's Toolbox Talk where we discuss key priorities. Today, we discuss the subject of mental health. This leads to an interesting conversation about how important protecting both physical and mental health is, as well as the support available.

It is a busy morning because I also attend a weekly HSSEQ meeting. This is an opportunity for the team leaders within the base to get together, look at any incidents that have occurred and discuss the findings.

11:00am - Today we have a monthly operational meeting to show a client how the warehouse has been performing, these meetings are an excellent opportunity to showcase some of my projects and improvements I have made across the warehouse. It's also exciting to get to meet some of the clients that you are doing work for and explain why you've made changes and what you are doing.

Midday - The CEO of ASCO Group, Peter France is also visiting the Peterhead site today and I have been able to meet him for the first time. He had actually read the newspaper article where I had talked about the Graduate Programme which was nice to hear. It's great to have a CEO who is approachable and clearly interested in my performance and development as a graduate within the company.

Before heading off for lunch I sit down to my to do list then I start on my biggest project, the "Warehouse Improvement Plan". I begin making notes to prepare for the afternoon meeting with my team.

Afternoon - After the team meeting, I compile my notes. It is gratifying to see a project where I have provided key input from the start near completion. I then move onto my weekly meetings with warehouse staff, these look at any challenges and how we can overcome them, as well as any successes of the week. With the support of my manager, I have used these meetings to hone my people management skills, which is brilliant experience.

Friday afternoons are one of the busiest parts of the week for the warehouse. I manage incoming calls and provide support if there are any issues with the aim of ensuring that materials are always delivered on time.

There were also recently townhall meetings held at all sites worldwide, this has made me extremely excited to continue the programme as I can see that ASCO are constantly developing and adapting to the current Oil and Gas market.

As well as this they are always creating good succession plans investing in their current employees by providing new training etc, which is something I think is so important when part of any company. Throughout the programme so far, I have always felt valued and been very involved and hands on within the teams, which I feel you wouldn't necessarily get with every Graduate Programme - and I can't wait to see what's coming next.