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Net Zero by 2040


The world is changing at a fast pace with new technologies, new regulations and a rising interest in lowering our environmental impact. The world will continue to need energy to heat our homes, produce our food, travel the world and power industry but this energy needs to have a lower carbon footprint. The Energy Transition will support the move from a system where energy comes dominantly from fossil fuels to an energy mix where renewables, nuclear and emerging energies will play a major part.

We are committed to becoming responsible custodians of our human, financial and natural capital, supporting the energy transition and protecting our planet. We aim to lower our environmental impact, shape a low carbon supply chain in line with the energy transition and we are committing to becoming a net zero Green House Gas emissions business by the end of 2040.

Therefore, we have committed to assessing everything we do under a sustainable framework; the ASCO Environmental Management Policy.


Sustainability Report

Our 2022 Sustainability report covers our activities in the calendar year January 2022 - December 2022, across all ASCO's global locations.

Within the report we benchmark our progress to achieve our target of net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2040 against an established 2019 baseline.

At ASCO we understand that Sustainability means more than just protecting the environment; it is building a strong and viable business that is socially responsible. Our 2022 report outlines our commitment to the environment, our people, our communities, good governance and our wider stakeholders. We also present our Energy Transition Strategy which focusses on supporting new energy development and providing low carbon solutions to our clients, as we work to decarbonise our own operations.

2022 Sustainability Report
Sustainability Report

Working together towards net zero carbon emissions before 2040

Sustainability is one of our core obsessions and in collaboration with our clients and partners, we work together transitioning to low carbon solutions, transforming the supply chain, working towards our goal towards net zero carbon emission by 2040.

ASCO provide end-to-end Logistics and Materials Management solutions that enable our clients to achieve their low carbon ambitions, leveraging our core competencies to support the development of new energy technologies.

Watch our video below to find out more about our sustainability journey.

Supporting the Energy Transition

The Energy transition is a transition, not a revolution. We are on a journey where the energy sector evolves, goes through structural changes, creates new solutions and integrates to build an energy mix with a low carbon footprint. This move has already started, our business landscape is transforming.

This is why our vision of “creating the next generation of logistics and materials management” has never been as important. It is through this that we will be able to support the Energy sector to produce the low carbon energy the world needs by delivering our clients’ materials in a safe, efficient and sustainable way. We will do that while reducing our own environmental footprint and shaping a low carbon supply chain.

We will support our clients on their journey towards the Energy transition, their diversification into new energy sources, the decommissioning of assets and the vital work of delivering safe operations on current and future developments.

Supporting the Energy Transition

Our initiatives towards net zero

Along with Safety and Service Excellence, Sustainability is part of our core fundamentals. ASCO has always taken its environmental responsibilities seriously and over many years has invested strategically to ensure that sufficient resources have been put in place to prevent harm to the environment. This includes:

• Procurement of Euro Class 6 trucks

• Changing out diesel forklift trucks to cleaner energy machines

• Switching our HGV fleet from diesel fossil fuel to HVO renewable fuel - Learn more here

• Installing shore base power for supply vessels (Norway) - Learn more here

• Lean processes

• ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ initiative - Learn more here

• Digitalisation of Tananger and Hammerfest supply bases in Norway using smart technologies - Learn more here

• Installing solar panels - Learn more here.

• Project Dynamo which aims to drive growth and help us remain competitive and resilient

All of these are stepping stones on our journey through the energy transition.

Our initiatives towards net zero