A Day in the Life - Kelly Smith

Published: 01 May 2020
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Kelly always knew she wanted to do some form of chemistry, so went to the Robert Gordon University and studied Forensic and Analytical Science with Chemistry as a more practical alternative to straight Science. During the course, she carried out her placement year with an oilfield chemical company in their lab and also secured a role there after her graduation working in their lab and offices in Norway and the UK as a Customer Focal Point.

From here Kelly started working for Enviroco (now ASCO Waste Management) and has been with the company for six years. Starting as a waste controller in the waste team and working her way up through technical and account management roles to Waste Technical and Logistics Manager.

What are the main focuses of your role?

My role is currently split between developing the ASCO waste division strategy, customer focused, the technical team and customer meetings.

I look after some of our key accounts, run a team who plan the day to day waste movements, ensure ASCO and our clients are compliant with legislation and help make strategic business decisions for the ASCO waste division.

Alongside this, I also work on training and consultancy which involves helping to run Chartered Institute of Waste Management Training once every two months, including regularly running paperwork and compliance training across our entire customer base. I also took part in hosting a Safety training event for a client, the quarterly event invited Logistics Suppliers to work collaboratively, share best practice, HSSEQ performance and have an open forum to discuss safety issues within the industry.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The variety. I like to keep learning and seeing new sides of the business. I've been very blessed in that I've gotten involved in lots of different pieces.

Focussing on one of the two ASCO obsessions (Safety Excellence and Service Excellence) can you provide an example of how you have played a part within your role at contributing to these obsessions?

I empower my team to make interventions when they see something wrong and always provide the support they need, whether this is training, confirmation that they should make that intervention, or helping them write responses to problems. I have recently joined the safety excellence committee which has helped me gain an oversight of our safety culture here at ASCO. And I always lead by example, putting in safety cards and having those discussions.

Would you say you live by ASCO culture?

Absolutely, the safety of everyone in my team is at the foremost of my mind when planning and delivering all tasks. When we strive for and achieve Safety Excellence it is no surprise that the works run smoother, are more controlled and delivered right first time to give our clients the Service Excellence they deserve.

Tell us something your colleagues wouldn't know about you?

I have a coveted Blue Peter Badge.

What would you say to someone considering joining the company?

ASCO have been very good to me and helped me grow. They have lots of different elements to their business that people can look into.