25th March 2020

Australasian Oil and Gas Conference 2020

ASCO attended the annual Australasian Oil and Gas Conference hosted at Perth Convention Centre in Australia from the 10-12 March. AOG is an event that hosts over 8,700 global visitors and provides opportunities to network and learn about the latest...

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20th August 2019

A Day in the Life - Tommy Steinbru

Tommy has a background in several different areas within different industries, including painting houses, 7-Eleven, waste sorting, travelling Norway as a pipe pressure tester/chemical cleaner/hydro jet as well as working offshore doing subsea and top...

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18th July 2019

Insight from a New Start - Matthew Homer

"I have been full-time working for the past three years since leaving school, I started painting for six months before going to work on a vegetable farm in Australia, tasks ranged from weeding the produce to driving machinery, which was a whole diffe...

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16th May 2019

A Day in the Life of an ASCO Graduate - Laura Watt

Each year ASCO offers Honours Graduates the chance to apply the knowledge they have learnt during their studies to live industry projects through its graduate programme. We asked Logistics Management Graduate, Laura Watt to describe an average day....

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