The Norwegian Coastal Directorate, Ministry of Transport congratulates ASCO on the success of Tananger digitalisation supply base project

11 November 2020
Norway , News

Last year, ASCO Norway was awarded NOK 20 million for the digitalisation of their Tanager supply base located in Risavika, using smart technology. The ministry and the Norwegian Coastal Administration, along with Halliburton, Swire Oilfield and Repsol Norge, attended a livestream demonstration at the goods receipts area in Tananger last Thursday, the 5th of November.

ASCO Norway provides Supply Base, Marine Management and Freight Management services across the country. ASCO digitalized the entire goods handling process through iLMS (ASCO owned system) which will improve efficiency in planning & execution. The system also aims to track all movements which will improve goods control across the base.

Commenting on the digitalization project, ASCO Norway's Chief Digital Innovation, Christopher Hoftun said: "A lot of what the platform consists can be used by everyone. Innovation is not always about reinventing the wheel".

The platform developed by ASCO uses new technology and smart solutions in the form of sensors, image recognition, GPS and automation. With the help of the platform, several players in the port area can work more closely together, saving time.

Christopher also added: "Having ships at the quay is expensive and polluting. By streamlining and shortening the waiting time, we save money and the environment by producing less emissions."

To develop the platform, ASCO took inspiration from other success stories such as IKEA, SAS, Amazon.

Cooperation in logistics

Specifically, the new platform means that all transport of containers and haulage at the port will be shared in real time. Although everyone uses their own internal systems, all relevant information will be gathered in a common platform.

"Many have tried, but no one has managed to get operators and suppliers to cooperate on this before" added Hoftun.

ASCO aims to reduce the time spent on trailers inside the base by up to 80%, and 20% less time on the boats arriving at the port.

"It is about using existing technology in a new and better way." commented ASCO Norway's Supply Chain Manager, Roy Arne Rygh.

Repsol Norge supported ASCO and has provided guidance and advice throughout the process where outgoing goods to Gyda has been made available for testing and development purposes. Swire and Halliburton also contributed in testing the solution. This is yet another example that great collaboration is key for developing our industry!

Commenting on the livestream demonstration, State Secretary Anders Tyvand said: "I am impressed with the way all the stakeholders involved in this project have managed to collaborate, and that it has been thought about so holistically. It can give a huge boost to Norwegian ports."

He added that the Government has a large focus on streamlining Norwegian ports in order to reduce costs and lower environmental emissions. To that end, the new platform is a good initiative.

"ASCO was first out to receive the grant, and first out with results. This is money well spent." says Tyvand.

ASCO applied for funds in 2019, through the Norwegian Coastal Administration to digitalise the supply base resulting in environmentally friendly ports in Norway. They also received the largest grant that could be applied for, with a total of NOK 20,174,800.

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