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Our Hammerfest supply base located in Leirvika, Norway is our latest next generation supply base, fully digitalised and using smart technologies.

The base is fully equipped to provide end-to-end logistics and materials management solutions to support specialist sectors including New Energy, Renewables, Oil and Gas and Decommissioning.

The "state of the art" supply base is designed to operate as a multipurpose area for port and terminal activities, with capacity to handle up to three vessels simultaneously. Its unique location with proximity to all quayside facilities allows optimal, efficient, and sustainable logistics for our clients, supporting their drilling operations in the Barents Sea, as well as performing high-quality terminal and warehousing services for other industries.

Our Hammerfest base was established in 2016, originally located at Fugleneset until end 2021/beginning of 2022, moving to Leirvika.


Transforming Supply Chains

Capabilities & Facilities

  • Fully equipped to support operations in multiple specialist sectors
  • Receipt and dispatch warehousing
  • Inside/outside storage
  • New and efficient warehouse
  • Availability of all required plant and skilled personnel
  • Shore power supply
  • LNG deliveries from truck
  • Water supply
  • MGO supply
  • Bulk farm tank/waste facilities
  • Quayside
  • Ship agency
  • Preservation services
  • Secured in accordance with ISPS and NOG
  • Duty-phone 24/7
  • Operation 24/7/365
Capabilities & Facilities


  • Warehouses up to 5,000 m2
  • External storage area 50,000 m2
  • 2 quays /L: 80 & 60 m/ 12-16 m depth
  • Bulk facilities for drilling fluid
  • Water & MGO deliveries
  • Waste handling
  • 3 shore power points
  • Capacity to handle 3 vessels simultaneously

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