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Our integrated approach to managing the materials management discipline, blends work execution with the provision of processes, systems and continuous service improvement to enhance materials efficiency across the supply chain.

Managed Service

Let us manage your materials on your behalf

How do you benefit?

  • Streamlined materials processes
  • Utilisation of experienced personnel with track record of supporting oil and gas materials management projects
  • Leverage of the multi-skilling approach deployed by ASCO to provide cost effective contingency personnel
  • Provision of all infrastructure, personnel, plant, equipment and supervision
  • Continuous improvement through deployment of systems, process enhancement and reduction of process waste.

Process Optimisation

We improve and optimise your materials operations

Through our process optimisation offering, we work to identify, analyse and improve upon existing business processes within your organisation and perform optimisation to enable you to meet new standards of quality.

We bring opportunities for efficiency and value creation to life through the implementation of an improvement plan, using a structured methodology for process improvement built on the foundations of Lean6Sigma. Once we have fixed broken or inefficient processes, we begin a journey of digitalisation, introducing core systems to enable you to deliver an optimised and data driven operation.

Process improvement and digitalisation occurs to improve and optimise:

  • Service delivery
  • Operational efficiency
  • Quality and safety
  • Process control and integrity and remove process variance
  • Removal of process waste
  • The use of technology within a process

Business Transformation

We’re on a mission to transform the way you operate

Business transformation is the fundamental change to your (and our) operating model and involves the execution of new business architecture and processes using technology and lean6sigma methodologies.

These large-scale projects require high levels of collaboration and change and will involve a variety of stakeholders from within your business. Typical examples of business transformation are the installation of a warehouse management system, a client planning system or control tower. We can implement business transformation within a function such as inbound logistics or across a range of functions.

We’re on a mission to transform the way you operate

Inventory Optimisation

Improving material availability

Inventory optimisation (IO) is a continual activity to reduce costs and improve service to the business by ensuring that the correct amount of material is available in the right location at the right time.

In order to realise these improvements, ASCO has developed a process of not only deploying the correct IO software solution, but ensuring that both the software and business processes are aligned. This alignment, along with training of users is key to inventory optimisation, delivering reduction of capital, ensuring correct stock is held and reorder points are accurate.

Improving material availability


Planning to make a material difference

Improved demand planning has direct cost and efficiency benefits. We specialise in optimising processes with enhanced planning and the use of systems to improve the predictability of your operational needs, and you eliminate reactive planning. This approach not only increases efficiency, it reduces lead times, increases resource efficiency and ultimately creates savings which are passed on to you, the customer.

Planning to make a material difference

Materials Technology in Action

Our iLMS warehouse management module is a transformative tool which integrates planning, operations, people and equipment to provide visibility, flexibility to labour efficiency and fulfilment accuracy in the warehouse. The warehouse module allows us to auto-identify materials and capture this information once, at its source.

How can we help?

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