Miko Marine Entrusts ASCO to Support Global Maritime Emergency Response

Published: 22 January 2024
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ASCO, a leading logistics and materials management provider, is supporting Miko Marine, a prominent supplier of marine salvage tools and services, to enhance the delivery of their emergency response service internationally.

Operating from ASCO's Gardermoen warehouse facility in Norway, situated close to Oslo Airport, Miko Marine's emergency response inventory is strategically positioned for swift deployment worldwide.

The collaboration between ASCO and Miko Marine, which began in 2019, is an excellent example of ASCO's comprehensive logistics support to its clients.

As a trusted logistics partner, ASCO supports Miko Marine with a range of services including solutions for transport, storage of emergency equipment and capital spares, repackaging, customs clearance, and seamless distribution of their products internationally by land, sea or air.

Top: Warehouse supervisor at ASCO Gardermoen Kenneth Løken, prepares a shipment on behalf of Miko Marine.

Below: Miko Marine Magnetic Plaster ready for shipment.

Miko Marine, a global pioneer in marine salvage, provides swift solutions for vessel emergencies, offering both standard tools and customised offerings. Leveraging their proven patch technology and extensive salvage experience, Miko Marine provides the necessary equipment and expertise for temporary yet dependable hull repairs while the ship remains afloat.

One of Miko Marine's most well-known and patented innovations is its magnetic FlexiShape Miko Plaster, which is a quick and effective solution for enhancing marine preparedness and salvage services at sea, especially in remote and challenging locations without immediate rescue services. With its versatile properties and ability to seal off almost any leakage, this product has played a crucial role in preventing vessels from sinking and limiting water damage during emergencies such as groundings and collisions at sea.

ASCO's dedicated team of logistics experts remains available 24/7 to support the rapid deployment of Miko Marine's life-saving products worldwide, wherever, and whenever the need arises.

Morten Nevland, Director of Freight Management for ASCO in Norway, and leader of ASCO's Gardermoen team, expresses his appreciation, stating: "We consider ourselves fortunate to collaborate with Miko Marine and their exceptional team. Our collaboration and success exemplify how we at ASCO tailor our services to meet our customer needs. We are dedicated and passionate to serve our customers' challenges with precision, professionalism, and an unwavering commitment to service excellence."

Cato Stoll Managing Director at Miko Marine, added: "We're excited to have ASCO as our strategic global logistics partner. Their team of logistics professionals and dedicated freight forwarders plays a pivotal role in enabling Miko Marine to deliver lifesaving products to our valued customers worldwide, every single day. I am deeply grateful for the outstanding support from the ASCO team at Gardermoen and their unparalleled service delivery. Together, we form an exceptional team."

Together, ASCO and Miko Marine are committed to ensuring maritime preparedness and critical situations at sea are met with rapid service, efficiency, and reliability.

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