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A Focus on Career Development, Damian Hagley

Published: 23 November 2023
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Damian Hagley joined ASCO in 2009 as a Tally Clerk at ASCO's La Brea base on the southwestern coast of Trinidad. Over the past 13 years, Damian has held several roles within the business, currently working as Pipeyard Supervisor at our Chaguaramas base in Trinidad and Tobago.

Find out more about Damian's time at ASCO below.

Profile Questions:

  • Name: Damian Hagley
  • Age: 47 years
  • Job title: Pipeyard Supervisor (Shell T&T Operations)
  • Likes: Socialising, sports (predominantly football – avid fan of Barcelona, Manchester City and Argentina

Moving to ASCO

Prior to ASCO, I was employed with Paramount Ltd when they operated on the South-eastern coast of the island of Trinidad. During this time, I was fortunate to work as a subcontractor interacting with the ASCO team who were supplying logistics services to BP Trinidad & Tobago.

Following my performance in that role, and on the advice of the then ASCO focal (area authority), I was recommended for employment with ASCO. I was approached by the company for the role of Tally Clerk and immediately accepted as I believed that ASCO would offer me opportunities to learn and expand my knowledge in both safety and logistics – which it did!

My journey so far

Starting my career at ASCO in 2009 as a Tally Clerk, I then progressed to Area Authority in 2010, supervising and managing a small team of third-party contractors, I remained in that role until 2016. In 2017, I was promoted to Quayside Supervisor, where I was required to oversee ASCO staff and third-party contractors in the execution of dockside operations. Additionally, I liaised with client focal and third-party vendors to coordinate logistics services.

After nine months, I was promoted to the role of Pipe yard Supervisor which I have held since 2019. I supported the client transition of warehousing services and managed the development of a 248k sq. ft pipe yard. I currently supervise eight third-party contractors in the preparation and preservation of casing for offshore drilling campaigns while ensuring ASCO’s safety policies are maintained.

My role allows the opportunity to work with a range of individuals and personalities and encourage a strong safety culture. In this position, I can share my knowledge and experience with my team members – this coaching and mentoring helps them develop as individuals allowing them to take on additional responsibilities. Our team has a good working relationship which allows us to share openly, both professionally and personally, working collaboratively to solve any challenges that arise.

Support from the business

My journey through ASCO has been both challenging and enjoyable, as I have experienced many successes, as well as some trying times. This journey has also taught me that by demonstrating consistent performance, an open mind and belief in oneself; the sky is the limit, and an individual can achieve professional success.

I appreciate that ASCO has supported me in achieving career fulfilment and developed me from a tally clerk to a supervisor through focused hard work and consistent delivery. ASCO has and continues to demonstrate a consistently high standard regarding safety, process and procedures, which aligns with my own core values.