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A Focus on Career Development - Adam Ritchie

Published: 26 April 2024
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Adam Ritchie joined ASCO in 2007 as a storeman in Peterhead, UK. He has since worked across numerous roles in Peterhead between 2007 and 2023. Recently, Adam moved into his latest role as Warehouse Operations Manager.

Learn more about Adam's journey at ASCO below.

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Adam Ritchie


Currently 38, but counting down the days to my 40th as I have plans to celebrate in Disney…

Job title

Warehouse Operations Manager - Peterhead, UK


Spending time with my family, Holidays, Football and Golf. I also may have to say Warehousing, as I have been working in a warehouse since 2003, so I must like it…

Joining ASCO

After leaving school, and before I joined ASCO, I had always worked within a warehouse environment. Initially, I contemplated pursuing a change; however, it became clear that I couldn't resist the allure of warehousing— it's obviously my calling! In January 2007, I joined ASCO as a Storeman within the Warehouse Team in Peterhead, and I will soon be celebrating 17 years with the company!

Fun Fact: I can still recall the first item I located, PO 23230-01; in storage location 102-15H.

I have been very fortunate in my time at ASCO to have had some great mentors and supervisors who have allowed me to develop my skills and climb the career ladder. I managed to gain promotion early on in my career, from Storeman to Material Controller. I have since had multiple opportunities, leading me to my most recent role as Warehouse Manager. I don’t want to give too much information on my journey away though, as I am looking to sell an autobiography, "True Memoirs of a Warehouse Manager"…

My Current Role

Despite my jokes, I truly love my role in warehousing! It's not just a job for me; it's an exciting and dynamic journey every day. Being part of the warehouse team allows me to engage in various tasks that keep me on my toes, and the sense of accomplishment when everything runs smoothly is incredibly rewarding.

I've found ways to make it fun by building a positive and collaborative environment with my colleagues. We celebrate achievements, tackle challenges together, and inject a bit of humour into our daily tasks. It's amazing how a positive attitude can turn even the most routine tasks into enjoyable experiences. I genuinely look forward to coming to work and contributing to the success of ASCO's Peterhead warehouse team.

I recently accepted the role of Peterhead Warehouse Operations Manager, which comes with increased responsibilities such as monitoring the Operations Excellence and Service Excellence within the teams I manage. Having daily toolbox talks allows us to discuss any improvements or failures as a team. I actively promote a LEAN culture and support the implementation of improvements and innovations, overseeing projects such as warehouse redesign, like the one we implemented in Shed 3 at Peterhead South Base.

Support from the Business

I'm truly grateful for the outstanding support ASCO has provided me in terms of career development. From the beginning, there has been a clear commitment to employee growth, and I've personally experienced the positive impact of this approach. ASCO has consistently invested in training programs that have allowed me to acquire new skills and expand my professional network base and industry knowledge. An example of training that sticks out in my mind is the Lean Six Sigma training. It has had a huge impact on me as a manager and in my department; if you have the opportunity to do this training, I would strongly suggest you do it.

My managers and mentors have played a pivotal role in guiding my career path. Through regular feedback sessions and goal-setting discussions within my Personal Development Plan (PDP) meetings, I've been able to align my aspirations with ASCO's objectives. There's a genuine interest in helping employees reach their full potential.