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Rigging Loft Management & LEE Training Course

Practical Training Course

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Rigging Loft Management & LEE - Two Days

Familiarises delegates with functional aspects of managing and running a Rigging Loft, in addition to providing them with the techniques required to confidently examine and inspect lifting equipment, appliances and accessories.


  • Key aspects of the Rigging Loft
  • The Rigging Loft Register
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Managing Uncontrolled, Transit and 3rd Party Equipment
  • Legal Requirements
  • Common Faults and Rejection Criteria
  • Construction and Safe Working Loads
  • Examination of Wire Ropes
  • Examination of Various Types of Lifting Gear
  • Lifting Gear Rejection Criteria
  • Cumulative Discard Factors of Wire Ropes
  • Normal Wear and Discard Criteria
  • Lubrication and Maintenance
  • Practical and written assessments

Who Will Benefit: This course is aimed at those responsible for managing a Rigging Loft. Engineering, operations and maintenance personnel may also find this course beneficial as will site and base employees who are involved in purchasing, operating and inspecting lifting equipment.

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Rigging Loft Management & LEE - Two Days



STRUCTURE: The course ends with a written test paper and the successful delegates are issued with an NSL certificate of training.

LOCATION: This course is usually delivered at an NSL Training Centre, but can be delivered at a client’s premises.

COURSE HANDOUTS: The International Rigging & Lifting Handbook.

PPE REQUIRED: Coveralls, hard hat, safety boots and gloves.