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Advanced Rigging & Lifting Training Course

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Advanced Rigging & Lifting - Three Days

This 3 day course is offered as either a stand-alone course to personnel who want to expand their technical understanding of lifting operations or for personnel who have previously gained an NSL / EAL Level 2 competence award and who aspire to further their learning and achieve EAL endorsed Level 3.

NSL / EAL Level 3 prerequisite | Personnel must gain a further two years experience after completing NSL / EAL Level 2 and complete / record a further six complicated / complex portfolio logs before entry to this level.


Delegates are required to answer questions and solve mathematical equations relating to the area and volume of simple shapes, calculate the weight of an object, in air and water using density tables and buoyancy factors, calculate an object’s surface area, calculate an object’s centre of gravity, calculate basic trigonometry and draw force triangles.

Who Will Benefit: This course is aimed at Deck Foremen and Lifting Supervisors involved in de-commissioning, subsea and complex lifting operations.

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Advanced Rigging & Lifting - Three Days



STRUCTURE: Three-day theory based, continual assessment course. As a stand-alone course, successful delegates receive a certificate of training. If completed as part of the NSL / EAL competence programme, successful delegates receive a Level 3 competence certificate.

LOCATION: This course is usually delivered at an NSL Training Centre, but can be delivered at a client’s premises.

COURSE HANDOUTS: The International Rigging & Lifting Handbook and course notes delivered to delegates prior to the start of the course to aid understanding and learning.