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Man-Riding Winch Training Course

Practical Training Course

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Man-Riding Winch

Man-riding with winches has been identified as a substantially hazardous activity, and for that reason, should only be carried out by competent personnel with suitable controlling procedures in place, and with equipment that is designed for that purpose.


  • Applicable UK and Norwegian regulations and standards
  • Industry guidance
  • Alternatives to man-riding
  • Planning, risk assessment and toolbox talks
  • Competence
  • Types of man-riding winches and their safety features
  • Associated equipment
  • Certification and pre-use inspection
  • PPE
  • Harnesses
  • Connection points and tools
  • Communications
  • Secondary fall protection and rescue plans
  • Safe operation
  • Practical exercises

Who Will Benefit: All personnel who are involved and / or required to carry out man-riding winch operations.

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Man-Riding Winch



STRUCTURE: The 1-day course includes a final written questionnaire to measure and record learning and understanding. Successful delegates are issued with a certificate of training.

LOCATION: This course is currently delivered at NSL’s Aberdeen training centre.

COURSE HANDOUTS: Working at Height Handbook.

PPE REQUIRED: Coveralls, hard hat, safety boots and gloves.