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Working at Height & Rescue Training Course

Practical Training Course

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Working at Height & Rescue - Two Days

This course is highly practical in nature, delegates will experience the whole process of a safe and systematic approach to working at height operations. The course includes the skills required to rescue / recover a casualty hanging in suspension. This is an essential, if often overlooked, function as an unconscious casualty may have as little as 10 minutes to survive in this position.


  • The UK work at height legislation
  • Principals of the hierarchy of risk
  • Fall avoidance
  • Work at height techniques
  • Selection and safe use of harnesses
  • Selection and safe use of lanyards and energy absorbers
  • Karabiners and connectors
  • Anchor point selection
  • Vertical lowering of casualty
  • Vertical raising of casualty
  • Use of stretchers
  • Suspension trauma
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Practical and written assessments

Who Will Benefit: The course is aimed at those whose work requires them to work at height as part of a work team. This would include the majority of oilfield personnel who are required to occasionally work at height, for example, painters, scaffolders, mechanical and electrical technicians, steel erectors, riggers, steeplejacks, electricity and telecommunications workers. This course will also be of interest to the emergency services.

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Working at Height & Rescue - Two Days



STRUCTURE: This course is made up of both theoretical and practical elements. Following completion of the theory element on day one, delegates will be required to complete a question paper. The practical element on day two will consist of introductions to various work at height equipment and demonstrations of various rescue systems used to recover a fallen worker. Delegates will be encouraged to participate in question and answers sessions during these demonstrations.

LOCATION: This course is usually delivered at an NSL Training Centre, but can be delivered at a client’s premises.

COURSE HANDOUTS: The International Working at Height Handbook.

PPE REQUIRED: Coveralls, hard hat, safety boots and gloves.

NOTE: This course is physically demanding. Delegates are recommended to take towels and a change of clothes as shower facilities are available