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Lifting Equipment Inspector - Module 6

Practical Training Course

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LEI - Module 6 - Containers, Baskets & CCU - Two Days

Designed to teach delegates the technical aspects of proof load testing and thorough examination of containers, baskets and other cargo carrying units. The course also covers the preparation of certificates and a series of practical assessments. The successful completion of this programme will provide valuable evidence towards the EAL competence qualification


  • BS7072, DNV2.7-1 & EN12079
  • Document preparation
  • Methods of thorough examination
  • Methods of proof load testing
  • Rejection criteria
  • NDT Requirements
  • Practical Exercises

Who Will Benefit: This course is aimed at delegates who
are employed in the lifting equipment inspection industry, or
company personnel who are involved in the control and/or
co-ordination and purchasing of lifting equipment.

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LEI - Module 6 -  Containers, Baskets & CCU - Two Days



STRUCTURE: The course is a mixture of theory and practical. All delegates will be expected to complete both a written test paper and successfully demonstrate their level of basic inspection skills under test conditions. On successful completion the delegate will be issued with an NSL certificate of training.

LOCATION: This course is usually delivered at an NSL Training Centre, but can be delivered at a client’s premises.

COURSE HANDOUTS: Inspection Procedures.

PPE REQUIRED: Coveralls, hard hat, safety boots and gloves.

NOTE: Successful delegates can continue their development with the new NSL / EAL competence programmes for Lifting Equipment Inspectors. On successful completion of these programmes, delegates will be awarded with Certificates of Competence for the various modules by the national award body, EAL.

Module 1 of the inspector competency programme must be completed prior to
attempting the competency programme for this module.