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Forklift Truck Operations eLearning Course

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Forklift Truck Operations

This course is designed to raise awareness of Forklift Truck operations and includes:

  • Legislation, Regulations, Technical Standards and Industry Guidance
  • Types of forklift trucks
  • Main components
  • Power sources
  • Rated capacity and stability
  • Selection
  • Certification requirements (truck, attachments and operators)
  • Operational area
  • Pre-operation checks
  • Basic rules of operation
  • Procedures for loading and stacking of loads
  • Procedures for unloading and de-stacking loads
  • Typical bad habits/practices
  • Correct and safe parking
  • Refuelling, changing gas bottles and/or charging batteries
  • Attachments
  • Man-riding on forklifts
  • Maintenance
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Forklift Truck Operations