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Rigging Loft Management eLearning Course

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Rigging Loft Management

The course provides an awareness of rigging loft management to ensure that all lifting equipment is suitably stored and cared for to maintain its integrity and safety. The course is divided into Part 1 - Rigging loft Management and Part 2 - Lifting Equipment Examination.

Part 1 - Rigging loft Management

  • Legal and Regulatory Requirements
  • The Rigging Loft · Rigging Loft Registers
  • Rigging Loft Controller
  • Marking / Tracking lifting Equipment
  • Colour Coding · Managing Lifting Equipment
  • Control of Transit and Third-Party Equipment

Part 2 - Lifting Equipment Examination

  • Periodic Examination
  • Certification
  • Pre-use Inspection, and…
  • Common Fault
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Rigging Loft Management