Cranes (Onshore, Offshore and Marine) eLearning Course

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Cranes (Onshore, Offshore and Marine)

This course has been designed to raise awareness and understanding of cranes and their safe use. The course is organised into a number of sections.

  • Cranes
  • Legislation, Regulations and Standards
  • Stability and Mechanical Principles
  • Crane Types · Boom / Jib Types
  • Ballast and Superlift
  • Outriggers
  • Hoist Ropes
  • Line Pull and Line Speed
  • Hook blocks
  • Crane Functions
  • Limiting and Indicating Devices
  • Load Charts and Range Diagrams
  • Crane Certification
  • Operator Competence
  • Operator Checks
  • Ground Bearing Pressures
  • Soil, Ground Conditions, Trenches, Underground Services and Voids
  • Static and Dynamic Lifts
  • Crane Selection
  • Environmental Considerations
  • The Lifting Team
  • Communications
  • Lift Plan Scale Drawings
  • Lifting, Moving and Placing Loads
  • Travelling with a Load
  • Tandem Lifting
  • Topping and Tailing
  • Dismantling and Non-Returnable Loads
  • Blind Lifts
  • Lifting Personnel
  • Live Plant, and…
  • Maintenance
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Cranes (Onshore, Offshore and Marine)

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