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ASCO Packaging Standards eLearning Course

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ASCO Packaging Standards

Created to complement the valuable information contained in the ASCO Packaging Standards Handbook, this extensive course takes the users through the principles and techniques of good packaging standards.

Delivered in multiple sections with knowledge checking questionnaires throughout, learning objectives include:

  • Appreciate the life cycle of package materials, the selection of packaging and general safety issues with packaging
  • Appreciate how to pack materials in crates, on pallets and other packaging equipment
  • Understand the construction requirements for pallets and crates
  • Understand the requirements for packing with dangerous goods, preservation, drums, frames, bundles and electronic equipment
  • Appreciate the marking and labelling of packing materials
  • Be able to identify non-conforming packaging, packaging markings, and appreciate international ISPM15 standards
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ASCO Packaging Standards