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Air Freight

Our dedicated and highly skilled teams specialise in finding optimised and cost-efficient solutions for our clients and partners. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in air freight operations.

Air Freight


We deliver all types of domestic and international air freight, including chartering:

  • Domestic air freight
  • International air freight
  • Air charters
  • Dangerous goods
  • Hand-carried


As a business who handle air shipments 365 days a year, all over the world, ASCO’s accreditations and the stringent regulations they hold us to, are as important to us as they are to our clients. These include being an International Air Transport Association (IATA) agent and Civil Aviation Authority Regulated agent, leading to agreements with airlines such as Lufthansa, KLM, Scandinavian Airlines, Qatar Airways, British Airways and Emirates.

To be an IATA agent we must also be Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) certified. DGR certification must be renewed for each certified employee every second year.

ASCO is also an approved member of the WCA.

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