Stay safe and protect others - Wear a mask

07 July 2020

To stay safe and protect others we must minimise the opportunity for Coronavirus (COVID-19) to spread from one person to another.

We have for several weeks recommended that people should wear face coverings where physical distancing might not always be possible.

That is due to evidence that wearing face coverings can reduce the risk of the virus being transmitted. If you have COVID-19, but maybe do not realise it because you do not have any symptoms, a face covering reduces the risk of you passing the virus on to other people. And other people wearing face coverings help to protect you in a similar way.

It is not an absolute safeguard – and physical distancing, hand washing and good hygiene will always be more important in preventing transmission. But face coverings can help to reduce the risk of transmission, and that is important.

For that reason, we strongly advise to wear face coverings where social distancing cannot be achieved as best practice.

As a reminder, social distancing restrictions per location, following local government guidance, are stated below:

  • UK - 2 metres
  • Canada - 2 metres
  • Australia - 1.5 metres
  • Trinidad - 6 feet (approximately 2 metres)
  • Norway - 1 metre
  • Georgia - 2 metres
  • US - 6 feet (approximately 2 metres)

Please refer to the risk assessment on Connect regarding Social Distancing and Personal Hygiene Measures.

Please follow this guidance and consider your safety - and the safety of others - at all times.

If you have any queries regarding this, please get in touch with your line manager or email

Take care and stay safe,

The Task Force Team