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Development of a retail materials management model for an Energy Major

Published: 26 March 2021
Case Studies , United Kingdom , Materials

The Need

Transforming Equinor’s materials management operation to a retail industry standard.

The Solution

Designed, developed and implemented our Integrated Materials Management System (IMMS) for the Oil and Gas.

The Benefits

From our experience materials management is a critical part for the success of running operations. Delivering full material visibility, control and data about the materials consumption can save millions in inventory, capital spend, consumption and drive up supply integrity. As well as reducing transaction costs for processing materials and contributing toward improving and sustaining higher offshore up times.

  • Full cradle to grave material traceability
  • Improved control and process efficiency
  • Enhanced safety management and controls
  • Reduced client material consumption and capital spend
  • Improved supplier integrity
  • 70% improved end to end efficiency compared to industry peers
  • The work execution system is easy to use, mobile on a tablet and intuitive, reducing training from weeks to hours.
  • The work execution system drives up efficiency by a factor of four and reduces errors.
  • No change in our client’s IT infrastructure

Read and download the full case study here.

Watch the video below to learn more on the results achieved.