COVID-19 Update - ASCO UK Roadmap

08 March 2021

Dear all,

In line with recent updates from the UK and Scottish Governments detailing how we will transition out of the current lockdown, the Task Force has updated the ASCO Tiered Level Framework to help provide some clarity. Across the UK, we are currently in ASCO level 4 and have included a summary of the key points below:

  • Those who have been working from home will continue to do so, only essential office working should be in place.
  • Site visits will now be carried out by senior leadership, only where they are deemed essential to regain focus on safety where evidence suggests it is needed. These will be risk assessed with additional protocols that will include taking a lateral flow test prior to every single visit. This is to prevent any spread of the virus, ensuring the safety and the protection of staff operating on site.
  • With reviews of each country's roadmap planned no earlier than the end of April for Scotland and end of June for England, it is expected that a planned phased return to the office will begin no earlier than July onwards. The Task Force will continuously review this in line with the Government updates.
  • ASCO will continue to actively support the vaccination roll out as a tool to return to normality. When receiving your letter regarding your vaccination appointments, we encourage you to not postpone or reschedule your appointment. ASCO will support you in giving you time to travel to and from your appointment, which will be paid, ensuring you don't have to take any days off, please talk to your Line Manager to arrange this once you have received your letter.

Please see the current tiered schedule framework on Connect, however the team are continuing to monitor the situation and will communicate any changes that are made to our arrangements.

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact your line manager or email

Kind regards,

The Task Force Team