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ASCO Partners with FourPro Solutions to Digitalise Operations in Norway

Published: 06 April 2022
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Global integrated logistics and materials management company, ASCO, has partnered with FourPro Solutions to roll out a new IT solution to all of its Norwegian supply bases.

ASCO is an international logistics company, serving the energy industry, with headquarters in Aberdeen, UK. Establishing their Norwegian operations in 1994, ASCO's primary base is in Tanager with further operational bases in Farsund, Kristiansund, Sandnessjøen and Hammerfest.

FourPro Solutions is a Norwegian digitisation company established in 2019 by a team of experienced developers, providing a cloud-based application for logistics and supply chain management. The collaboration between ASCO and FourPro Solutions has been ongoing since April 2020, with ASCO initially utilising FourPro's software to digitalise their Tananger operations.

Commenting on the partnership, Roy Arne Rygh, Supply Chain Manager for ASCO Norway said, "ASCO are industry leading experts in manual logistics, and we are working hard to be at the forefront of digitalising logistics services. The software gathers our data in an operational dashboard and uses AI to predict and optimise processes. Digitalisation of our logistic services provides clients the opportunity to track their goods from supplier to rig in real time, this type of tracking is common in other industries but is new for the oil and gas sector. Our partnership with FourPro has reached the point where we are ready to roll out their solution across all of our bases in Norway."

Ove Johan Skants, General Manager of FourPro Solutions said, "The project has shown the value of partnering the operationally skilled people from ASCO, together with our experienced and skilled development team at FourPro, where they have always worked well together as a team. ASCO will be utilising our software for resource and activity management, and their dashboard is operational so they can click and perform actions directly in the system, using two-way integrations the actions can be reflected in any other incorporated systems. Strict access levels mean that ASCO has control over what data users see and which actions the users can perform."

Using machine learning, the FourPro system can interpret operational data, predict patterns, and make recommendations for improvements. The aim is to optimise time-management, reducing the time spent loading and unloading trucks at the ASCO supply bases by up to 80% and the length of stay for vessels at the quay by 20%, providing more efficient operations as well as reduced noise and emissions.

As the essential partner for global energy materials and logistics management, ASCO works with the world’s largest operators to deliver safety and service excellence, while remaining focused on sustainability across all operations. As digitalisation and modernisation are at the heart of ASCO's operations, the Group's innovative processes and systems mean the company is at the forefront of driving supply chain efficiency.

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