A message from Peter France

03 June 2020

Dear all,

We are beginning to see an ease of lockdown restrictions in many ASCO locations across the globe.

Although we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we cannot let up our efforts and compromise your safety at work.

Decisions to return home workers to the workplace are being taken across our locations following local government policies and guidelines. Australia, Georgia, Norway, Trinidad and Canada are beginning to transition back to the workplace, albeit all are at different stages of this process and guidance is starting to be issued in the UK.

In each case, the transition back to the workplace must be in line with any national or local government guidance and comply with the ASCO Group Operational Procedure and Risk Assessment process which has been developed and issued by the COVID-19 Task Force.

To ensure the return is executed in a controlled and coordinated manner, subgroups have been formed to support the COVID-19 Task Force to consider all key elements in returning the business to 'new normal' ways of working.

It is imperative that we do not compromise our colleagues, clients or our supplier's safety. The feedback provided during the Returning to the Workplace survey will be taken into consideration when creating the plans.

In the UK, it is anticipated that the gradual return of personnel to non-essential indoor office-based workplaces will begin no earlier than 1 July and it may take several months before we return to normal with some people not being asked to return until September, at the earliest.

I appreciate that this timescale will come as a disappointment to many in the UK. There are however no easy or quick solutions and the virus' threat remains. We still have to stay safe and follow key advice such as self-isolating if you have symptoms of COVID-19, strict social distancing and good hygiene practices.

If you have any queries or concern, please contact your line manager or email zzRM-COVID-19@ascoworld.com

Thank you all for your ongoing support and commitment during this time.

Take care and look after each other,

Peter France