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ASCO Trinidad and Tobago

ASCO Trinidad and Tobago was established at the turn of the millennium and we have grown to become the leading provider of safe and environmentally responsible supply base and logistics services to the Trinidad and Tobago offshore industry. Located in Chaguaramas, we currently provide pipe yard storage and warehousing for Shell and BHP. As well as this, we support exploration and production activities regionally, including Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

Managing the energy supply chain is a complex and challenging business and failure comes with a heavy cost. We understand the consequences of disruption to exploration, drilling or production and our goal is simple - assured delivery. We provide end-to-end solutions, integrating our own capability with the skills of third-party contractors.

ASCO Trinidad and Tobago

Main Services

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Main Services

Mariners Haven Shore Base

Our Mariner’s Haven (MHL) Supply Base in Chaguaramas is our primary Trinidad and Tobago supply base facility. We have operated from MHL for over a decade and have successfully supported operations in both Trinidadian and International waters for a variety of our offshore operator customers.

Our Mariners Haven shore base can accommodate five vessels, one platform with satellites and two drilling rigs.

Key facts:

  • 93 meter berth length
  • 6.5 meter water-depth
  • 1,459 m2 quayside laydown area
  • 8 tons per m2 quayside strength
  • Quayside crew offices
  • Quayside offices
  • Quayside warehouse
  • 59,100 ft2 pipe yard
Mariners Haven Shore Base

Caribbean Dockyard (Caridock) Shore Base

This shore base facility is dedicated to one of our clients in the region. Servicing seven vessels of their fleet, three offshore platforms and one drilling rig through to October 2021. This facility also houses additional pipe yards used for all clients.

Key facts:

  • Three Jetties – Five berths
  • 10.0 meter water-depth
  • 3-acres of pipe yard
  • 6,000 m2 quayside laydown area
  • 10 tons per m2 quayside strength
Caribbean Dockyard (Caridock) Shore Base

Pier 1 Shore Base

Our Pier 1 shore base acts as an alternate berthing option used by two of our key clients. At present, the shore base is used as a base for a shallow-water oil and gas field being developed off the coast of Trinidad. Four vessels per week are turned around at Pier 1 specifically for this development project.

Key facts:

  • One jetty at 95 meters length
  • Water-depth 6.5 meters
Pier 1 Shore Base

Granwood Pipe Yard

We developed the Granwood Pipeyard 18 months ago to support one of our clients OCTG projects. We are currently on the Drilling section of the second well Bounty 3 for the Barracuda Campaign with completions to follow. Then a switch back to Endeavour 2 Well where completions will be done on that well as well.

Key facts:

  • Double wash bay with sump for washing and inspection of steel pipe.
  • Office containers, kitchen and bathroom facilities.
  • Back-up generator in the event of power failure.
  • Field lighting throughout the site and CCTV 24 hr monitoring.
  • 5.7 Acre (23,000 m2) pipe yard created in just 14 weeks.
  • 5 rack spaces housing a volume of slightly over 5,000 steel pipes and accessories.
Granwood Pipe Yard

Lennox Warehousing Facility

Our Lennox warehousing facility operates according to lean principles and acts as the logistics distribution centre for receiving and dispatching our clients production and drilling materials. Currently due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are also handling the logistics distribution for Care Package Supplies to all our clients assets and quarantine locations.

Key facts:

  • 15,000 sq ft facility outfitted with office space, issue and returns area, oversized area, receipts area, packaging area, 2 cold storage rooms and recently built chemical shed.
  • 2 Mecalaux racks housing 800 pallet spaces and shipping lanes.
  • Chemical shed with 3,600 sqft of storage capacity.
  • Cold Rooms 1 & 2 housing all electronic and temperature sensitive items.
  • Newly paved open area space for large items and CCU packaging within 4,500 sqft of space.
Lennox Warehousing Facility

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